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SMAT training is a training provider specialized in tactical medicine that includes the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and the MIRA (Medicine in Remote Areas). The training center is currently located in Italy, south of Rome (Sezze). SMAT Combat Medic includes the TCCC and MIRA courses as well as more advanced practises.

Although this is the specialty of SMAT, other training are provided such as the Personal Security Detail (PSD), to become close security officer (CPO) Security Guard, intended for a public who wishes to evolve in this environment. The Medecine In Remote Areas (MIRA) and Hostile Environment Awareness Training can be open to people who need to be deployed in high-risk areas (NGO medical staff, diplomatic staff, security personnel), which can be described as hostile. HEAT / MIRA trainings provide the necessary knowledge to cope with emergencies, including medical emergencies (such as the use of a tactical tourniquet, prevent massive bleeding, compression bandage, placement of a respiratory cannula ) in degraded environments. During these formations, the basics of counter-terrorism will also discussed.

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All training offered by SMAT are certified through the Highfield awarding body. All certifications are nationally recognized by approximation through appropriate bodies.

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