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The scope of this audit * includes the physical and environmental protection of the data center and information resources residing inside.

The main objective of the audit is to determine whether the client has:

    • physical and environmental threats identified for the data center;
    • assessed the risk or impact presented by these threats;
    • determined the feasibility of implementing physical and environmental controls to reduce risks;
    • implemented the appropriate controls;
    • and reassess risks regularly.

The audit work includes:

    • On-site audit with installation inspections;
    • Observations;
    • Review of security procedures;
    • Examination of physical controls for security threats such as access control, key management, surveillance measures, video surveillance and the physical layout of the data center;
    • Examine controls for environmental threats such as humidity and flooding, fire and heat, power surges and blackouts, and human threats such as food, drink, physical contact or disturbance.

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