Combat Medic TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care)

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*All participants must be in order of registration at leas 30 days prior to the start of the training (a postponement of the training is always an eventuality if the minimum number of paticpants is not reached). SMAT warmly advises their participants to subscribe to a cancellation insurance for their flights (considering the possibility of a postponement).

From the airport of Fiumicino
Come directly to Sezze Romano train station, where a pick up will be arranged. Take the train from Fiumicino airport to Termini station (+/- 16 euros), and than from Termini take the train in direction of Sezze Romano (+/-4 euros).

From the airport of Ciampino
Come directly to Sezze Romano station. Take the shuttle (bus) from the aiport to Termini station ( +/- 5 euros) , and from Termini take the train in direction of Sezze Romano ( +/4 euros)

Tip: Take you ticket (at Termini) to Sezze Romano, at the dedicated selling machines, and identify the train number !

Next training dates
  • Italie   15 Jul 2020 to 22 Jul 2020 for 2,020.00 EUR
  • Italie   10 Sep 2020 to 16 Sep 2020 for 2,020.00 EUR
  • Italie   18 Oct 2020 to 24 Oct 2020 for 2,020.00 EUR
  • Italie   14 Nov 2020 to 20 Nov 2020 for 2,020.00 EUR
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7 days
Italiy (SEZZE)
Preconditions: CLS MIRA or equivalent

Course description:

Generalities / Haemostasis / Airway / Breathing / IV and IV Therapies / Hypothermia Prevention / Adult Intubation / Ophthalmological Trauma / Oral and Intramuscular Medication / Fracture Management / Burn Management / CASEVAC / Tactical Monitoring:

  1. Introduction
  2. Wound management
  3. Airways
  4. Musculoskeletal injuries (fractures of arms, legs, pelvis, feet, skull)
  5. Injuries to the head (head trauma, CAPNO propaq sensor)
  6. Thoracic lesions (chest seal with valve, decompression needle, thoracic asymmetry)
  7. Medullary lesion (spinal cord injury and trauma, use of FERNO)
  8. Decompression splint for the legs and arms
  9. Respiratory/heart insufficencies
  10. Anaphylaxis
  11. Cardiovascular Care Emergency
  12. Understand cardiovascular pharmacology, prepare and administer essential cardiovascular drugs
  13. Rhythms of cardiac arrest (tachycardias and bradycardias)
  14. Acute Coronary Syndrome
  15. Abdominal pain
  16. Hot and cold emergencies
  17. Animal poisoning
  18. Triage
  19. KED

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