The companies providing their advice in TECC and TCCC are legion. Their discourse: "only" x "is recognized, only" y "is certified, etc etc

Before choosing a training, it is important to assess your needs in accordance with your career plan and your vision.

Then you can make your choice, in all knowledge.

In Europe, an international certification is of course important, but above all a European certification is just as important.

The duration of the training is of course important as well as its monograph.

Is a one-day training good and sufficient? YES, of course, but you have to analyze the monograph. "Stop Bleeding", for example, is important and given in one day. and quite enough !!!

Is a TCCC / TECC training sufficient if given in 2 days? NO, because in comparison with the level 1 guidelines, it is difficult to give credit to this type of training

Is a 9-week training better than a 5-day training? Not necessarily, it is important to analyze the monograph and understand the content.

Is there a bad training center? yes, of course, but as much as there is excellent!

Should we name them? No, they describe themselves alone. Read and discover a training "PSD TEAM RED CARPET LEADER blue bird", interesting training for utopian ... and credible for dreamers.